Og Mandino’s University of Success is a must-owned book to have on your shelves, definitely.

The author regrouped all the best books about personal development written at that time and summarized them all in a condensed art piece. The title is a great hint on how it is organized: the book is split into semesters composed in chapters and themselves divided in many lessons. This organization lets you skip parts of the teaching or find again great advices that you already read.

This essay will show you the path to success: it will set up the basics of prosperity and from there it will take to you to the final stage of finding happiness in your success. It is easy to read and to understand. The lessons are quotes from the books selected by the author. In the beginning of each lesson Og Mandino is explaining the concept developed by the featured author. The variety of renowned authors in the book – 50 – makes the reading interesting as it gathers distinct opinions on success. What we liked about it is the quality of the teaching. You will not learn these advices and life hacks in our current schools and universities, hence the necessity to have it and to recommend it to others. Despite the age of the book, all the advices are still valid today and are unalterable laws of success.

Our personal favorite parts: Lesson 24 “How to get yourself organized”, Lesson 27 “How to turn your desires into gold”, Lesson 30 “How to increase your value”, Lesson 40 “How to swap a losing strategy”, Lesson 45 “How to bounce back from failure”.

About the author: Augustine “Og” Mandino II is an American author born in 1923 in Massachussetts. He passed away in 1996. He is one of the most successful author of self-help and motivation books. Amongst all his books, his famous ones are “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, “University of Success” and “A Better Way To Live”.

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Credit image: Sebas