Clever Export is a website dedicated to CEOs and Export Managers striving for excellence in export sales and in their lifes. The author is gathering advices and tips to deliver the best knowledge on how to run your export sales and how to become a better professional.
This website is born from the passion of an Entrepreneur and Export Manager travelling the world seeking to close more and more deals abroad.

Clever Export is divided in 7 sections: Export Sales, Market Information, Interviews, Gentlemen’s Corner, Ladies’ Lounge, The Library and Shop. The first three aims to bring you knowledge on core sales & export topics in order to help you increase your international sales. The last four are meant to nourish your will to become a better man/woman while travelling.

Another key points is to build a living community of CEOs, Export Managers and Area Sales Managers so that we can all share our experience with others through the comments each one has the freedom to write on the website posts. In addition, Clever Export edits a monthly newsletter with trending topics, latest news and market information.

I wish the readers the best luck in building their export network and closing top-notch sales!

Nicolas – Owner of the website

About the Author:

Nicolas BERNARD-MASSON is a freelance consultant with a company incorporated in Bern canton in Switzerland. In addition to this activity, he is assuming a position of Export Sales Manager for the Middle East region in one of the leaders in the dental industry.

As a freelance consultant, Nicolas works with private companies helping them improving their export sales and setting up expansion projects in foreign countries. He also kept tight relations within the network of worldwide Economic Development Organizations helping them succeeding in lead generation projects as well as long-term attraction activities.

Nicolas spent 3 years being Head of French Foreign Direct Investment office for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (U.S.A.).  He helped settled many companies in Pennsylvania and created over 200 jobs on this U.S. State, including 2 majors factories.

Nicolas has a Master of Arts in International Trade in Foreign Languages (English & Italian) from University of Lyon 2, France.

In addition to French, he speaks fluent English and Italian.